Alliance Alpha Update 0.8 – Bosses and Cutscenes

Update 0.8


Nuclear Signatures have been Detected! An AI Warship has been sighted and only the most expert of commanders have encountered the enemy in Deep Space. After travelling several Sectors in an escape from the Supremacy, we have been halted by this Behemoth creation! Take the Warship down to finish Chapter 1 of the Nightstar Alliance campaign!

Cinematic Storytelling The story of the Nightstar is revisited in VR following the events of the Drone Coalition in Nightstar Starfighter, and prior to the events of Nightstar Rogue Wings.

The Terrans are forced to abandon their home world after its irreversable destruction at the hands of the Supremacy. In game Cutscenes follow the story of the commanders who survived the attack on Terra, as they Forge the Alliance and rendezvous at a safe haven in the Outer Rim.

Warp Vector Sensors Escaping the Supremacy isn’t easy, so we have developed Warp Vector Sensors which help to identify potential escape trajectories! Aim at the escape vector and jump towards the outer rim!

HUD Upgrade Tactical battle analysis is improved with advancements in augmented heads up display technology. Communication with the Alliance Commanders will help us escape the Supremacy and new recruits will receive a higher quality commander guide on their first launch.

Fleet Manouvres Improved Attack Fleets have been upgraded with state of the art Module Awareness Protocols, aka MAPs. To assign modules to the MAP simply ensure that modules are positioned in the general area of a Colony ship, or attach them directly with BOP Utility drones.

Supremacy Munitions Intercepted A recent intercept mission returned with grave news, the Supremacy have began utilising autonomous torpedo and homing technology in their arsenal. They are hell bent on eradicating the Human race, but with this information, we may have the upper hand.

Aurons Weapon Cache Update Captain Auron has already developed weapons technology to counter the Supremacy’s use of autonomous projectile weaponary – incoming threats can now be destroyed if the right crew is up for the task! Aim true Commander.

Breaking News: Ambushes towards the Outer RimThere has been speculation to whereabouts of Commander Rayne of the Forward Lance, last seen defending the colonies of Mylon-4, drawing the enemy, and himself into an active wormhole. The attack was one of many ambushes orchestrated by the Supremacy Hive mind AI that threaten Humanity today.

Mission Log: Supremacy Fleet at Sol V Recent excursions to find a safe path to the Outer Rim have been met with heavy resistance from the Supremacy. Each jump leads to new challenges, most recently, a fully armed Fleet supporting a Destroyer Class vessel. The fallen shall be forever remembered. Out. – Commander Tycho(edited)

Alliance Alpha 0.4 Published

Update 0.4


The update focuses on balancing weapons, enemies and module spawning and also improves several features of the game like aiming, mission flow, colony (support ships) interaction and more. Check out itch for more info.