Nightstar Alliance is the 3rd Installment in the Nightstar Universe, bridging the gap between the events of the Drone Coalition in Nightstar Starfighter and the last stand of the Terrnas in Nightstar Rogue Wings.

Alliance is a modern twist on arcade shooters realized in VR. 

Command and upgrade a heavily armed and armoured battle-cruiser as you attempt to forge a fleet capable of stopping the enemy intelligence that has decimated mankind. Only with this alliance can you hope to bring humanity back from the brink.

Featuring an arsenal of heavy weapons, utilities and doomsday devices you must save The human Colonies from the genocide of their rebellious AI!

Follow the story of the commanders who survived the attack on Terra, as they Forge the Alliance and seek a safe haven in the Outer Rim. The escape is cut short, however, and Dr Tali finds herself at the Mercy of the Machines!


Take control of the Alliance battle-cruiser as a third person commander, destroy waves of enemies with on-board weapon systems. Collect rare and powerful weapons and upgrades, grab and attach them to your ship, discard older, weaker modules, and build the most powerful ship in the verse.

Save the colonies in a daring escape to the outer rim, grow your attack fleet and equip modules to them to increase their own effectiveness and take your newly built armada across the galaxy.








Based in Vancouver, Canada

Founding Date:

19th April 2018


Chris Greig – Marketting and Business Operation

Bruno De Araujo – Art Director

Renn Farnell – Technical Designer

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